Below is a list of some of V's main features. To view a screen shot, just click on the corresponding Screen Shot link. Alternatively, take the Guided Tour.

Main Features

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  • V is fast.
  • Handles large files with ease - and large really does mean LARGE!
  • A Dual Pane interface lets you view directories side-by-side.
  • Folder Tabs allow you to view favorite directories with a single click.
  • Makes full use of keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus.
  • Views CSV files as tables (much like a spreadsheet)
  • Files can be viewed in Greenbar mode.
  • The contents of the clipboard can be viewed as if they were a file.
  • V can be extended through use of User Commands.
  • File Renaming - allows you to easily rename a group of files.
  • File Tailing will automatically refresh a file if it is modified while you are viewing it.
  • Files may be fixed at a column position so anything to the left of the column will not scroll.
  • Wrap long lines to the screen or to a fixed length.
  • Columns of text may be copied to the clipboard. Numerical columns can be summed.
  • A formatted directory listing can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Selections may be appended to the clipboard.
  • Regular Expression searching and GREP.
  • Support for 4DOS descriptions.
  • Extensive command line support.
  • Available in a portable/USB version.
  • and much more ...
  • Dual Pane & Thumbnails Mode

    Screen Shot

    Dual Pane Mode allows you to display 2 directories side by side, or one on top of the other. Each of the directory listings can (optionally) have an Explorer tree associated with them.

    In Thumbnails Mode, thumbnails are displayed for the most common graphics file formats (like JPG and BMP). It is also possible to display thumbnails for several other non-image files (like videos, and even HTML/PDF). The appearance of the thumbnails (size, colors, ...) can be customized.

    When you move the mouse over an image thumbnail, an InfoTip will pop up displaying some information about the thumbnail (like image dimensions). If the image contains EXIF data, some of this data will also be displayed in the InfoTip.

    Commonly viewed folders can be saved as FolderTabs, allowing you to view them with a single mouse click (or key press).

    Ruler, Line Numbers and Grids

    Screen Shot

    Files may be displayed together with a ruler and line numbers. The ruler may be dragged to any position of the file, making it easy to determine the exact position of the data.

    Grids can be created which consist of vertical lines and column headings, and behave just like a ruler. They can be displayed at the top of the file and can also be floated over any part of the file.

    CSV Mode

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    CSV files are typically comma delimited files used to represent tabular data.

    V will automatically recognize most CSV files and will display them as a table - where all the columns have the same width (much like a spreadsheet).

    EBCDIC Files

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    V will automatically recognize most EBCDIC files and will display them accordingly (including XMIT and AWS files).

    The most common RECFM formats are supported (RECFM=V/VB/F), as is carriage control (CCTYPE=A/M/Z).

    Hex Viewing

    Screen Shot

    V's hex mode is great for looking at binary files.

  • Search for binary data as well as text strings
  • Extracting small sections from large binary files is a breeze
  • Searching

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    You may search for files based on several criteria (name, size, date/time and attributes) as well as search for files containing specified text (GREP).

    An experimental Bioinformatics/DNA search lets you search for amino acid strings and IUPAC codes in files containing DNA sequences.

    Alternate Data Streams (ADS)

    Screen Shot

    NTFS file systems support "Alternate Data Streams" (ADS). These are basically "invisible" files that attach themselves to existing files.

    Windows does not provide a way to list/view the ADS - but V does.

    ZIP File support

    Screen Shot

    V's ZIP file support allows you to:

  • View/print the contents of ZIP, CAB, TAR, RAR, GZip, BZip2 and 7Zip archives without having to extract the files first.
  • Extract ZIP file contents just like any ZIP file manager.
  • Install ZIP files which include a setup program (like most shareware) without extracting.
  • Printing

    Screen Shot

    V provides extensive printing support, including:
  • Customizable headers and footers
  • 2UP mode
  • Line numbers can be printed
  • Long lines can be wrapped
  • Text Only printing
  • Raw/Binary printing
  • Customizable Headers and Footers

    Screen Shot

    Customize the header and/or footer text with:
  • File Name / File Path
  • Current Time / File Time
  • Page number
  • Ruler
  • 2UP Printing

    Screen Shot

    Save paper by printing in 2UP mode.

    The file is printed in Landscape mode with two pages being printed (side by side) on each sheet of paper. This is ideal for program listings, hex dumps and README files.