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V Guided Tour: EBCDIC Files

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V vs Notepad

V will automatically recognize most EBCDIC files.

Below left is a screen shot of V displaying an EBCDIC file. Below right shows what the same file looks like when viewed in Notepad.

Viewing EBCDIC files with V

Viewing EBCDIC files with Notepad

RECFM Formats

V supports the most common RECFM formats (RECFM=V/VB/F/FB), and the most common forms of carriage control (CCTYPE=A/M/Z). If V does not automatically recognize the correct EBCDIC format, it may be set through the EBCDIC Options (see screen shot below).

RECFM Options

XMIT and AWS Files

XMIT and AWS files are uncompressed archives (containing multiple files) that are used in IBM mainframe environments.

V will handle these files just like other supported archives (such as ZIP, RAR and CAB). That is, when you double click on one of these archives, you will see a listing of the files they contain.

The screenshot below shows V displaying the contents of a large AWS archive.

AWS Listing

Viewing the contents of XMIT and AWS Files

You can view a file by double-clicking on it in the AWS/XMIT file list. You can also extract any of the files just as you would extract files from a ZIP archive.

The screenshot below shows V displaying an EBCDIC file contained in an XMI archive.

XMI Screen Shot

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