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V Guided Tour: Dual Pane and Thumbnails

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Dual Pane Mode

Dual Pane Mode allows you to display 2 directories side by side (Vertical Split Mode), or one on top of the other (Horizontal Split Mode). Each of the directory listings can (optionally) have an Explorer tree associated with them.

The screen shot below shows V in Vertical Split mode. The left pane is in Details mode and the right pane is in Thumbnails mode.

Thumbnails Mode

In Thumbnails Mode, thumbnails are displayed for the most common graphics file formats (like JPG and BMP). It is also possible to display thumbnails for several other non-image files (like videos, and even HTML/PDF). The appearance of the thumbnails (size, colors, ...) can be customized.

Digital cameras usually store extra information with the photos they take (called EXIF data). If an image contains EXIF data, V will include some of the data in an InfoTip which can be displayed by moving the mouse over the thumbnail. Below is an example of such an InfoTip.

Screen Shot of Dual Pane Mode EXIF Photo Tip

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