Download VClone Version 2.0
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If you are having problems downloading from the above link, try this one.

To use, simply unzip the file and run VClone.exe

Note that VClone will only run on Windows XP/200x/Vista/7.

VClone must be run from a Command Prompt. Run VClone -? for an explanation of all the command line options (see below).

To export the V settings, run: VClone -e VSettings.dat

This exports all the V settings to VSettings.dat.

To import the settings on another machine, run: VClone -i VSettings.dat

Note that starting with V9, settings are stored in a different location (to V8 and previous). VClone will automatically determine what version of V is being used and will export the corresponding settings. If both versions of V have been on installed on the system, VClone will export settings for the most recent version. To export the settings of the oldest version, use the -8 command line option.

VClone version 2.0 (7-Jan-2009)
Copyright (C) 2004-2009 Charles Prineas. All Rights Reserved. (Freeware)

Imports/Exports V Program Options.

Usage:   VClone -e | -i FileName [-cfghnopsu89]

where    -e   The V settings are to be *exported* to FileName
         -i   The V settings are to be *imported* from FileName
   FileName   The file to import/export

By default, VClone will export *all* of the V settings.
You can control what is exported by specifying the
corresponding option(s) after the filename.

Valid options are:
     c       Export Color Settings
     f       Export Favorites
     g       Export GridLines
     h       Export Histories (Directories and Recent Files)
     n       Export Font Lists
     o       Export only the main V program options
     p       Export only the Printer Profiles
     s       Export String History (search strings/GREP)
     u       Export User Commands
     8       Export the Registry used by V8 (or previous)
     9       Export the Registry used by V9 (or later)

Examples: VClone -e VSettings.dat
        : VClone -e VSettings.dat -fugo
        : VClone -i VSettings.dat