Unlimited License

An Unlimted License costs $4,000 and allows an unlimited number of users to use V, provided all users are located on a single site.

A single site can consist of multiple buildings, as long as the buildings lie within a radius of 20 miles. Users who are mobile or do not work from the main site (eg, they may work from home) are still treated as working from the main site.

An Unlimited License also allows for up to 100 "off site" users. This means that a company based in one city can still have up to 100 users around the country at no extra cost. If more than 100 users will be using V outside the main site, they will need to be covered by a separate license. You can either purchase an appropriate license based on the number of extra users, or you can purchase an Unlimited National License.

An Unlimited National License costs $6,000 and allows for unlimited users as long as they are located in the one country. This also allows for up to 100 users outside the country. If you have more than 100 users in another country, you will need to purchase a separate license for that country or purchase an Unlimited International License for $12,000.

Type of Unlimited License Total Cost
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National $6,000 Buy Now from FastSpring    

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International $12,000 Buy Now from FastSpring    

OEM License

An OEM License is also available for developers who want to distribute V with their application to provide file viewing/printing support. This license allows the developer to distribute unlimited copies of V as long as V is not used as a stand-alone application by the end-user. Please send me an email if you are interested in pricing.

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