Download TuFix Version 0.91
( - 25,419 bytes)

To use, simply unzip the file and run TuFix.exe

TuFix must be run from a Command Prompt. Run TuFix -h for an explanation of all the command line options (see below).

TuFix converts comma or tab delimited files into fixed record length files for easier viewing. After conversion, the corresponding fields in each record will all start at the same column position.

At a minimum, you must provide TuFix with an input file, an output file and a delimiter. You can use -t or -k to specify tab or comma delimited files, or use the -d option to specify another delimiter.

For example, TuFix file.fixed -t

You can use the -s option to add a separator/filler between fields. For example,

    TuFix file.fixed -t -s"   "  (adds 3 spaces between fields) or
    TuFix file.fixed -t -s"|"    (adds a vertical line)

TuFix 0.91
Copyright (C) 2003 Charles Prineas. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: TuFix FileIn FileOut|Directory [-k -t -p -w] [-cComment] [-dDelimiter]
                                      [-eEscape]  [-qQuote] [-lEOL] [-sSeparator]

FileIn    : the delimited file to be converted
FileOut   : the fixed record length file to be created
Directory : the directory to store the file created
              (FileOut should not be specified - will be the same as FileIn
Comment   : Comment character - all lines that start with this character
              will be ignored
Delimiter : the character used to separate fields in the input file
Escape    : the escape character used to prefix special characters
Quote     : the character used for quoting strings (if other than ")
              (Use -q on its own to disable " as quote character
EOL       : End of Line Character (other than CR or LF)
Separator : A character or string to separate each field in the output file
-k        : file is comma delimited (do not use -d option)
-t        : file is TAB delimited   (do not use -d option)
-p        : Parse Only flag - no ouput file is created
-w        : suppress warning message if file to be created already exists


            TuFix File.comma File.dat -c; -t"
            TuFix File.comma File.dat -k, -s,
            TuFix File.comma File.dat -t, -s" " -w