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PayPal account holders can purchase V by pressing one of the Buy Now buttons below.

Note that the payment is collected by V's Australian distributor (On-Ramp Communications). This means that US customers do not pay sales tax and European customers do not pay VAT. However, Australian customers will be charged GST (10%). All prices are in US$.

A Temporary Registration Code will not be sent via email - the temporary code will be displayed in your browser after the payment has been accepted. The permanent Registration Code will be sent via email within 24 hours of payment.

Click on one of the Buy Now buttons to purchase through PayPal.

Multi-User Licenses

If purchasing a multi-user license, make sure you press the button corresponding to the number of licenses you want to purchase. Then enter the required number of licenses in the Qty box and press the Update Totals button to display the correct total.

Registered User Name

The Registered User Name will be displayed in the V About Box. Click on Registered User Name in the PayPal form to enter the name that you want displayed.

1-9 licenses
($20 per license)
50-99 licenses
($11 per license)
10-24 licenses
($17 per license)
100-499 licenses
($8 per license)
25-49 licenses
($14 per license)

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